The Play's the Thing

The Play's the Thing

Eran Aviram is editing, writing, designing and communicating gaming

How can I help?

Hey there! My name’s Eran, and I’ve been working with gamers and games since around 2001.

I am best utilised as an editor or a creative writer. I have a critical eye, mostly for clear phrasing and concise explanations. Proficient with game design, great with big-picture thinking. Goal-focused, audience-aware, keeping to theme. Always trying to make the writer’s vision expressed as best as possible, with a high-quality presentation. Good with deadlines, industry-standard rate, usually per hour. Easy to talk with.

My main passion is turning more people into players, and then give those players the tools that’ll help them enjoy their games more.

For the things I do and my contact details, see below.

My Online Projects

Up to Four Players (with Aviv Or) is a webcomic about roleplayers playing in a fantasy world where you can replace your heart with a Crystal and gain superpowers! On the Shoulders of Dwarves (with Uri Lifshitz and Aviv Manoach) is a weekly podcast focusing on practical advice for role-players.


My Games

Crystal Heart
Travel the world as Agents of Syn, collecting Crystals! A Savage Worlds setting based on the webcomic.
Read More "Crystal Heart"
Venture Forth
Venture Forth is a card-based storytelling game in which you play the entire campaign in a couple of hours
Read More "Venture Forth"
Three Suggestions
The Three Suggestions series is meant to give players and GMs some interesting and roleplay-provoking ideas
Read More "Three Suggestions"

What I am Currently Doing

  • Producer and writer for Up to Four Players and On the Shoulders of Dwarves.
  • Writer and producer for the Crystal Heart Setting Book, expected around August 2019.
  • Chief Editor for City of Mist.
  • Part of a rotating panel of hosts on Gampod and Game Burning, two of Israel’s leading gaming podcasts.
  • Writer for an unannounced mobile game.

What I’ve Already Did

Most of these things were done in collaboration with other, excellent, people.

  • Used to own and manage Tactica, a board game and RPG store in Tel-Aviv (Dizingof Center). The most intense 2.5 years of my life, and I used to be a tank commander.
  • Was editor-in-chief for Israel’s #1 or #2 (it was never clear) video game website, Vgames.
  • Translated or edited every major roleplaying book published in Israel since 2002, including D&D 3th and 4th ed., Pathfinder, Exalted, and Dungeon World (also, some board games)
  • Organised or helped in organising several major and minor RPG conventions, in various roles, including Israel’s Bigor and Icon.
  • Writer for the Israeli gaming webcomic V-Squared (available here in English)
  • Writer the Victorian graphic novel Singularity 1885
  • Panel member on the Hebrew sceptics podcast Reasonable Doubt

Other Skills

Pretty okay with layout and graphic design. Great project manager.

Find me on the web

To hire me, discuss gaming matters, or suggest collaborations: or follow/message me on FacebookTwitter, or LinkedIn.