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Eran Aviram is editing, writing, designing, communicating and gaming

Eran Aviram's Portfolio

Eran Aviram...

Eran Aviram... editing, writing, designing and communicating games

Main projects


Fight intolerance with empathy as a rainbow sentai superhero!
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Crystal Heart

Award-winning webcomic and Savage Worlds product line. (Co-creator and writer)
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City of Mist

Noir thriller tabletop RPG of ordinary people and legendary powers. (Editor)
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“HIRE THIS EDITOR! I can’t recommend Eran enough so I’ll just say he’s the chief editor behind City of Mist, a world-renowned award-winning game with +$1M in sales. He a major role in designing the product.” – Amit Moshe (City of Mist)

“I collaborated with Eran on several projects, from podcast recording, through charity roleplaying marathons, up to creating and editing RPG content. In all of these endeavors Eran has been a paragon of editorial prowess, a creative thinker, and a force for good. Getting him is the natural 20 of “gathering a team”.” – Uri Lifshitz (DriveThruRPG page)

“Hire Eran. You won’t regret it.” – Aviad Tal (Beyond the Screen)

“Went with Eran from collaborator to friend. He is great at both.” – Shahar Avin (Intelligence Rising)

“I highly recommend @nnesk. Very creative individual making original and exciting games, adventures, and settings!” – David White (Mistconceptions)

Past projects

My Grandparent’s Weird Zoo

A single-player game in which you create and care for magical creatures in a fun zoo! 
More details "My Grandparent’s Weird Zoo"

Menagerie of the Void

Guide ancient, unreasonable machines to preserve a strange assortment of alien beings.
More details "Menagerie of the Void"

Reliquary Race (5e)

A tactics-focused adventure for four to five characters.
More details "Reliquary Race (5e)"

Shed Not a Tear, oh Princess (5e)

A mystical and tragic one-shot adventure for 3-5 players with pre-generated characters.
More details "Shed Not a Tear, oh Princess (5e)"

One Last Tribute (5e)

A 1-2 session swamp adventure, with a small and spicy dungeon.
More details "One Last Tribute (5e)"

Ready to Roll

All the rules you need, in a 2-page comic. (Writer)
More details "Ready to Roll"

Venture Forth

A card-based storytelling game: Play an entire campaign in a couple of hours.
More details "Venture Forth"

Three Suggestions

A series of interesting and roleplay-provoking ideas.
More details "Three Suggestions"

Singularity 1885

Adventurous sci-fi in the Victorian era. (Writer)
More details "Singularity 1885"