Venture Forth is a card-based storytelling game in which you each control one member of the party, describing what happens to your character on your adventures. By answering the questions on the cards and creating Quests, you make your heroes succeed or let them fail, whatever is more interesting to you.

The game is available as a PDF or Print on Demand. Since the meat of the game is in the cards, the rulebook is available for free, here. The PDF version includes an A4-sized version of the rulebook, as well as all the cards in a layered PDF, so you can print them without the colourful background.

The game is also surprisingly available as an Android app! All the thanks for the development go to David Gao, who also initiated this whole idea.

You begin with the heroic tier, during which the cards guide you to decide what’s your character like, where she’s from, what she can do, and why she’s doing it.

You continue to the paragon tier, where you might be asked to travel to faraway lands, uncover the ancient origins of what, until now, seemed like a local issue, or go through a sudden transformation such as betraying your beliefs or siding with an enemy.

In two to three hours you’ll reach the maximum level and end your adventuring career with one final, extraordinary Quest. There’s no way to win or to lose, even if your character becomes a god or dies in a gutter. You’re here to tell an interesting story.

This game is heavily inspired by The Quiet Year by Avery Alder and is published with her blessing.


Here we are playing a full sample game: