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Articles for EN5ider


Which Watch?
(soon on DriveThru)

All city watches are a hindrance in the players’ way, but each watch is a hindrance in its own way.

Wear & Tear
(on DriveThru)

A sub-system for keeping track of attrition and maintenance (creating a handy money sink) without any additional bookkeeping.

The Osseus Dwarves of the Hollow Mountain
(on DriveThru)

Undead dwarves waking up after hundreds of years, not sure who are all of these humans in their lands, and even less sure who they themselves are.

Planar Diseases
(on DriveThru)

One of my favorite pieces ever, including afflictions like a parasite that eats your past (and Background), an unending longing to the lands of the Fey, spectral thought-worms, a fracture rift disorder, and more.