Eran Aviram is editing, writing, designing, communicating and gaming


How can I be of assistance?

  • I’m easy to talk with and great with providing constructive feedback.
  • I’ll keep your terminology, formatting and world-building consistent.
  • I’ll make sure your text says what you meant for it to say. I’m excellent with clear phrasing and concise explanations.
  • I’ll help test your game’s mechanics and give advice on how to tweak them so that they create the experience you’re aiming for.
  • I specialise in humor, in the style of Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett,  and solid characterisation.
  • I love creating big-picture metaphysics, and extrapolate from it to the daily and mundane.
  • What do the players do? How is this piece of worldbuilding or plot directly useful in creating a gaming experience around the table?
  • I can handle a project. I’m goal-focused and work well within constraints such as a budget, target audiences, and deadlines.
  • I have a great understanding of the industry and markets of tabletop games, of the board and role-playing variety.
  • I use industry-standard rates, usually per hour.

My main passion is turning more people into players, and then give those players the tools that’ll help them enjoy their games more. Contact me in a Twitter DM or in Hangout (nnesk1 at gmail), and let’s talk!

I’m a London-based, former Israeli, White, cisgendered, neurotypical man (on Escitalopram), turning 40 this year.