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Three Suggestions

Each PDF in the Three Suggestions series picks an unusual subject and provides three different approaches, meant to give players and GMs some interesting and roleplay-provoking ideas, for use in all sorts of settings. Each set of suggestions is also accompanied by a new or variant rule, for use in either Fifth Edition or Dungeon World.

With Dungeon World rules:

Bards Who Don’t Sing
Interesting Inns
Cohort Motivations
Strange Market Stalls
Things That Went Wrong While You Were Away

All of them in a bundle

With 5e rules:

Reasons to Shave Your Head
Supernatural Weather
Motivations for Characters Whose Parents Were Killed by Orcs
Things Your Intelligent Item is Doing Behind Your Back
Strange Half-Elves
Alternatives to Potions
Interesting Mentors

All of them in a bundle