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One Last Tribute (5e)

In 2005 (!) I had to run D&D to a friend who’ve never played before. In order to do this properly, I tried to create the most dungeon-y dungeon I could, straightforward but with great set-pieces, and not too long. With each new generation of games, that same adventure was re-developed, usually by me but sometimes by others, yet over the year very little of its core changed – which seems to me to show that it’s a good one.

Winner of the Best Tomb award, One Page Dungeon 2012


One Last Tribute is a dungeon-based, swamp filled adventure for three to five characters, levels 2 to 3.

For many years, the village of Valley Falls has been blessed by the spirit of a forgotten knight, whose old mausoleum sits deep within the Grey Bog. But now, goblins have disturbed the knight’s rest, and elders ask the heroes to venture into the bog and deliver the villagers’ apology, with a bouquet of his wife’s favourite flowers…

A one-to-two-session adventure, with a small and spicy dungeon.

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