Current Projects

Past Projects

Most of these things were done in collaboration with other, excellent, people.

  • Owner and manager of Tactica, a board game and RPG store in Tel-Aviv (Dizingof Center). The most intense 2.5 years of my life, and I used to be a tank commander.
  • Editor-in-chief for Israel’s #1 or #2 (it was never clear) video game website, Vgames.
  • Translator or editor for every major roleplaying book published in Israel between 2002 to 2018, including D&D 3th and 4th ed., Pathfinder, Exalted, and Dungeon World (and some board games).
  • Organised or helped in organising several major and minor RPG conventions, in various roles, including Israel’s Bigor and Icon.
  • Writer for the Israeli gaming webcomic V-Squared (available here in English).
  • Writer for the Victorian graphic novel Singularity 1885.
  • Panel member on the Hebrew sceptics podcast Reasonable Doubt.

Other Skills

Pretty okay with layout and graphic design. Great project manager. Excellent with deadlines.

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