I’ve written for the following publications.

EN World EN5ider

  • Planar Diseases: Unusual and magical afflictions, such as a though worm infestation, becoming addicted to the divine, and a disease that eats your past.
  • Wear & Tear: A subsystem that makes the need to maintain your gear a fun part of the adventuring life (and a good use for your money), with minimum bookkeeping.
  • The Osseus Dwarves of the Hollow Mountain: Scheming dwarves who have recently been risen from the grave and are upset about the people who’ve taken their lands, while unaware they’re now undead.
  • Which Watch?

City of Mist

  • Fortune Row, a District of Glitzy Casinos and High-risk Heists


Up to Four Players

  • Various topics, mostly commenting on the choices taken by the GM and players in the webcomic.

In Hebrew